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Terms of Service
  • This employment application site is to allow any person looking for work as a cleaner to provide their details to QC Illawarra with the prospect of being considered for employment in the future.
  • Over time, we may require employees to provide a wide variety of services such as general maintenance cleaning, specialised window cleaning, carpet and upholstery cleaning etc. This form is to be used to advise of your suitability for any or all forms of cleaning.
  • This web site is the only method of searching for employees used by this company if a vacancy arises. We can only consider you for employment if we have your details on record. All applications are treated in the strictest confidence. We advise you of our intention to fill a vacancy before we contact any references etc. that you may have supplied.
  • All applications are kept indefinitely.
  • You only need to lodge an application once.
  • The answering of any or all of these questions is at the option of the applicant. Please ensure enough information is supplied to allow your application to be properly considered.
Employment application form
If you would like to apply by mail please print this form.
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