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Potential employment

QC provides employment to a large number of people in the Illawarra. We do not discriminate on any basis and provide employment to both female and male staff from a variety of backgrounds. The primary requirements for our employees are:

  • a want to work in an industry where the service provision is critical
  • the ability to work outside of traditional daytime hours
  • the ability to work efficiently with minimal or no constant supervision
  • the ability to work hard as cleaning is hard but satisfying work
  • the ability to turn written or verbal instructions into a finished task
  • the ability to work closely with fellow employees
Potential clients

  • we provide a cost effective solution to all your cleaning and maintenance needs
  • we provide regular dedicated staff to your site
  • we liaise with you to provide the service you require
  • we provide the flexibility to meet your needs
  • we listen to what you have to say
  • we act on what you have to say
  • we train all our staff to meet your specific needs
  • we meet or exceed all the statutory requirements for all areas of our business
  • we provide a written agreement of the cleaning requirements for every site we clean


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