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QC Illawarra can provide a large range of different services to individually meet the needs of every client. Read the list below and see for yourself the range of services we provide. If the service need is not listed then contact us anyway; we may still be able to assist you.

Our daily maintenance cleaning service is an overnight service that will return your premises to be hygienically clean again.

Day time cleaning and maintenance service that provides a cleaner to clean and maintain your premises while you are open. This cleaning can provide a wide range of cleaning and maintenance services.

Do you need maintenance cleaning for when your cleaners are not on duty? If you need a cleaner for a few days, a few weeks or extra hours on a regular basis, we will provide someone to meet all your needs.

Window cleaning is a specialised service that our experts can provide at a time to suit you. We can provide carpet, lounge, chair stool etc cleaning to the highest professional standard, the service is provided at a time that meets your needs.

If you have a dirty kitchen in your building or restaurant we can provide a professional service to have it hygienically cleaned and meet all your OH & S requirements.

We also can provide a competitive quote on a wide range of other cleaning and maintenance services to your business. Just send us an email or give us a call to discuss how we can improve the service you need.

  • Maintenance cleaning of toilets to provide hygienically clean finished product
  • Maintenance cleaning of change and locker rooms etc to provide hygienically clean conditions
  • Cleaning offices, storage rooms, board rooms etc to the clients individual needs
  • Cleaning of windows and doors
  • Carpet cleaning, stools and chair cleaning, lounge cleaning and all other similar services
  • Kitchen cleaning in restaurant to remove grease and dirt build up
  • Advice on how to reduce your cleaning costs
  • Large jobs such as office block, shopping centre or factory cleaning
  • Once a week cleaning service to small businesses
  • Intermittent cleaning services such as for end of lease or irregular requirements
  • Short term, full service cleaning such as when your permanent cleaner is on leave or other absences
  • Building site clean ups on contract or short notice arrangements
Anything that may arise and you need a cleaner or ten – we can provide it professionally at a competitive rate

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